Posted on 23 Feb 2014
New Year and a New Layout
So another year has past and it's been nine months since my last update. Damn- sorry and boy do I suck sometimes. Honestly, it's just so easy to update community based sites like tumblr and AO3 because I'm on them all the freaking time! Anyways, hopefully if you follow me there, you've been updated frequently with new content through out the year. If not, at least I've got a nice big update for you all!

First off, two new fics have been added over in the Supernatural section. It's a new verse I'm still working on (though it has been kind of put off to the side while I work on larger projects) that I think you'll like. The first is called One Night which is a one shot that leads into a full-blown novel length (60+k) fic, Fingers Tap Into What We Were Once that I began in late 2012 and finished in August of last year (2013). It's the first time I've ever written anything over 50k and was a lot of fun too. Check it out!

Next I've got a two new headers for you to check out and use to your leisure. (Remember to credit me!) Also this past year I signed up to create art for TWO DCBigBangs (three pieces each for a total of six new pieces of DC fanart!) and they are located over in the Art section which you should definitely check out. Links to each fic are found there as well.

I'm currently working on a new fic which you can find over at AO3, FF.NET, or LJ called Psyched. It's my first foray into Teen Wolf. It's a Psych!Fusion AU wherein Stiles is Shawn Spenser, Derek is Lassiter, and a murder spree is sweeping through Beacon Hills that has a terrifying link to Derek and the Hale fire that took place twenty years ago. If you like Teen Wolf and Sterek, you should check it out.

I hope to have more updates for you soon but until the next time... :)
Posted on 16 May 2013
Sorry for taking so long to update! While I have been doing tons of writing and graphics, unfortunately none of it is ready for here. :/

Anyways there is a new piece of art for your viewing pleasure- however note that it is NSFW. With that in mind I've got a new NSFW art blog up over at tumblr which you can check out here - it's a bit sparse currently cause I just opened it but hopefully I'll be able to update it regularly with lots of fun art.

Finally I have fic I'm currently working on and have been since february (it's the main reason why updates have been lacking here) which you should totally check out either at AO3, LJ, or FF.NET.

Right, that's all I've got right now. Hopefully I'll be able to update again soon!
Posted on 24 Jan 2013
So Let's Live to Love and Love to Live
Update! Sorry it's been a while everyone- the new year has been full of stuff and unfortunately nothing really to put up here. :(

However I do have a new piece of fanart which you should totally check out as well as a new wallpaper for you!

Honestly, I've been doing this supernatural meme over on my tumblr that's been taking up a lot of time. I've also picked up playing guitar again- something I haven't done in a couple years.

Anyways, I probably won't get to update until next month so enjoy the end of january and see you then!
Posted on 06 Jan 2013
Small Update
So a small, quick update. Not much to give you- sorry. Anyways, as I'm sure you've noticed, there is a new blink-182 layout up for grabs in the premade layouts section and has been for a couple of weeks.

There is also a new Supernatural fic up for you entitled Malm which was written as part of the 2012 Dean/Cas Secret Santa Exchange.

Also- Happy New Year everyone! I know I'm a little late with that but still it's a new year which means new awesome things to look forward too. One, as you can see I'm updating the site with new content more frequently and I hope to keep that up! Things to be on the look out for: a new webcomic (rather a revival of a comic I did in college called Meet Dan), a Dean/Cas epic (looking like it'll be around 30k words- I'm at 13k now), a Snarry fic (haven't written for HP in years), and more graphics! For updates on these (especially the comic) check out my tumblr. Otherwise please keep on visiting- I promise to give you goodies as often as I can!

Hope the start of your year as been awesome and I'll be back later! :)
Posted on 17 Dec 2012
Joe Gilgun!
A small update- just a another new premade layout up for you all featuring the amazing Joe Gilgun of Misfits/This is England fame. If you haven't seen either, I recommend you do so. Both are amazing though very different and Joe is brilliant (he got a BAFTA nom for This is England).

Okay, that's it for now. However be on the look out for more layouts and some new fic later on in the month. :)

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